Quit from Home

Can’t make it in to see a doctor face-to-face? Here are some ways to gain support remotely. If getting to and from appointments is a barrier, take a look at our list of LA-based public transportation services also listed below. 

Telephone Quit-lines can be a great place to get remote support. Calling these numbers will connect you with trained telephone counselors at the California Smokers’ Helpline who can answer questions, provide useful tips, and help you develop strategies to help you quit. The list of phone numbers, according to specified language is below.

To learn more about their online, text message-based, and self-help materials, visit their website.

English: (800) NO-BUTTS
Spanish: (800) 45-NO-FUME
Korean: (800) 556-5564
Vietnamese: (800) 778-8440
Cantonese: (800) 838-8917
Mandarin: (800) 838-8917
Individuals Hard of Hearing: (800) 933-4833
Smokeless or Chewing Tobacco: (800) 838-CHEW

Mobile apps can also be helpful for individuals looking for support outside the clinic. Below are some of the most popular free mobile apps available for Android and iPhone.

QuitNow! AndroidiPhone

Users gain access to quit-oriented resources and a supportive community with whom to share successes, challenges, and goals. Many users find the milestone feature helpful, and note the benefits of receiving health indicators based on World Health Organization (WHO) data.

Kwit AndroidiPhone

Smokers looking for a fun spin on quitting have enjoyed this app’s game-like design. With the end goal of becoming the “Ultimate Kwitter”, users increase in ranks by logging their progress in their quit journey. Additionally, the app generates personal statistics related to post-quit health and financial benefits, as well as motivational messages when users shake their phone.

Craving to Quit! AndroidiPhone

This app was developed based on cessation research at Yale University. Users have access to videos, a tracker for cigarettes smoked, and with a monthly subscription, access to live in-app coaching.

Smoke Free AndroidiPhone

Many individuals new to cessation find this app useful, as it tracks your health and financial improvements post-quit. Additionally, users can log cravings when they occur, receive tips on how to avoid relapse, and utilize tools to help avoid cravings.

Quitter’s Circle AndroidiPhone

The American Lung Association and Pfizer have developed this app with an emphasis on supportive communal motivation. Users take an active role in creating a quit plan with milestones and goals specific to their needs and have the option to share these with their “Quit Group”, composed of friends and family members who are able to send motivate and track the individual’s progress.