Helping Friends and Family Quit

For some individuals, having a supportive community is key to overcoming tobacco dependence. Taking a supportive role in a friend or loved one’s journey to living tobacco free might seem daunting, but it is likely you can provide something that clinicians cannot: understanding

The process of quitting needs to be person-specific. Take what you know about your person and use it to provide unique support! Below are some strategies to get you started as a supporter.

Be a resource

Become familiar with the process of quitting. Help your friend or loved one get connected.

Be patient

Tobacco withdrawal symptoms often cause worse mood. Sustained support for your friend or family member even through difficult times could add years to his/her life.


Individuals who have recently quit smoking are more likely to stay quit with the right support. Encourage your friend or loved one to stay committed to this new healthier lifestyle.

Stay engaged

Addressing the needs of your friend or loved one might look differently over time. Keep yourself updated on how you can help your friend or loved one stay quit.